Interested in free Spanish or English online training?

As per my last but one post, I’ve been quiet on these pages for a reason: I’m currently working on a language-learning project, the draft page of which can be found over at  I’ve finally got fibre broadband installed – after a fifteen-month wait which involved several disappointing, not to say irritating, delays as local gasworks (so people have whispered) kept on slicing up newly-laid fibre.

I’m now looking for false beginners, pre-intermediate students and upwards who are interested in improving their ability to speak.  I’m currently using Skype in Premium mode and testing a far more complex system, Adobe Connect.  If any of you have had experiences in either of these two systems of video-conferencing – or, indeed, know any other systems you might want to point me in the direction of – please do get in touch.

So if you’re interested in a couple of classes – or know someone who might be and who might, at the same time, be good at providing technical feedback on systems such as these – please do point them in the direction of my contact page.

<ducks as flood of emails hits the virtual mat>

<or not, as the case may be …>

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